About The Company


Our company is comprised of wholesale distribution groups focusing in two major industries: Flooring and Beverages.  

In 1959 Antonio Mancini purchased a liquor distributor called Providence Beverage Co.  They started with 15 employees; some that are still with us today. As time progressed consolidation among distributors in the beverage industry provided expansion opportunities for the Company (in fact there were some twenty-nine distributors in the late 50’s and now there are only a few). In 1989 the Company entered into a shared service-shipping venture known as Centrex. This partnership is one of the first distribution centers of its kind in the wholesale beverage distribution business.

Our beverage companies now represent some of the most influential producers in the business, carrying major brands in most beverage categories.  

In our pursuit of distribution diversification we entered into the flooring business. The flooring division consisted of about 15 to 20 associates to start. Through the late eighties and nineties several more acquisitions were made and new facilities were built.  Today we are one of the Top Ten Wholesale Flooring Distributors in the country servicing New England and Upstate New York. 

Our combined entities have the resources, both human and financial, to manage a top performing business for our vendors, customers, and employees. We have a management team with the determination, commitment and dedication to keep moving us forward.  We look ahead to continuing growth in all our businesses.                               




Corporate Headquarters

119 Hopkins Hill Rd

West Greenwich, RI 02817


Outside Rhode Island: 1-800-952-7903